Articles for July 2013

Top Ten Homeschool Minimalist Essentials

Ten top items that I used the most and if I had to start from nothing I would spend my money on buying these items.

Granted, I also thought, does this mean where I start from and can add to, or am I just thinking of ten items to be limited to.  That would open up a whole different list.
I decided to focus on Ten Essential items I “NEEDED” for homeschooling. (Not including tape, stapler, glue, ruler, basic pencils, and pens . . . stuff that is already on my office desk.)
1.  Chalkboard and beautiful colored chalks
2.  Manipulative blocks
3.  Colored pencils; the really good kind like the wooden German Lyra pencils
4.  Paint brushes and paints
5.  Blank book journals
6.  Lined journals
7.  Good pencils and pencil sharpener
8.  Encyclopedia or on-line Wikipedia
9.  Globe
10.  Camera

There is so much I can do with just these 10 items.  I have actually packed just this much when traveling to grandparents, and had a really productive homeschooling week. 

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