Articles for July 2013

Why Minimize our Homeschooling

We are already working towards simplifying the rest of our lives.  Its a works in progress to look at every item in our home and decide if it is being used, brings beauty, or brings enjoyment.  It just seems like homeschooling is on steroids.  We have given ourselves permission to consume too much of a good thing.

There is always another great book for our lessons.  A wonderful field trip to join.  A free concert.  Someone is putting together a science lab.  Soon, we are burdened with too much.

Its not that what we are doing is taking us down the wrong path.  We just are doing too much of a good thing.  Soon all these extras push out the foundational learning and even the extras take on a sense of being mundane.  Every year we go through a thinning and then fattening, thinning and fattening.

This school year I want it to be about a sustainable balance.   Abundance of quality, not an abundance of the trivial.  I’m not sure how I will focus on maintaining it, but if we can do it with the house and the rest of our lives, there must be a way with homeschooling.

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