Articles for August 2013

Three most important homeschooling tasks for TODAY!

I just read an article about prioritizing my day by listing the top five and dropping all other activities for the moment.

I’ve done this for my life, but never applied it to homeschooling.

Today. . . In preparation for the new school year. . . Three important tasks that need to be tackled . . .

1.  Pull out my binder and write out an overview for each kid for the 2013 school year.  Just the basics covered, the themes, the sketch work.

2.  Buy some tape.

3.  Sort out last year’s reading basket.  All those great literature books on the Revolutionary War that I had gathered together for “grabbing” on the go.

Tomorrow:  Check on math for my youngest.  Do I still have clean or new books for her, or do I need to order?

Gather together this year’s “Grab-and-Go” books.  (I have a reluctant reader that would never remember to pack a book without a nudge.)

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