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Minimalist Homeschooling Margin

For forty days I am practicing “margins.”  The idea came to me from another minimalist homeschooling mom.  A book page needs words, images, and blank space to be visually aesthetically appealing.  It gives the eyes some resting space as well as the fingers a place to turn the page without covering the words.


Our homeschooling lives need margins.  Places that don’t get covered with activities and lessons.  We’ve had a two week break from coop classes and OMSI science classes.  We just need the switch during the rainy winter season.  Usually I spend the time preparing for spring with a big spring cleaning and garden fest.


But it rained.  And rained.  And rained.

I can clean in the rain, but this year I decided to work on my margins.  I have been decluttering for a year now, and those boxes that I usually “reorganize” and move from one side of my school room to the other?  They don’t exist.  I spent my time sewing with daughter.

And the stack of papers needing to be filed?  Took me less than five minutes, so I took my 17 year old son to the zoo.  Something he has been begging to do, because we ALWAYS went when was little, and we NEVER go now that he is older.


The need to shop for new curriculum?  Didn’t happen.  I have no catalogs coming in to tempt me.  I have created a minimalist curriculum list and know what I am getting for next year.

I spent a bit of time creating a unit study, and a little bit of time on KhanAcademy  to learn the new program better and to enjoy a lesson on art history for myself.  (I earned 1200 points!)  I always felt that something else was calling me to finish, so it was enjoyable time spent exploring the backside of daughter’s math program.

It’s back to “school” today, not that everyday for the last two weeks hasn’t had learning experiences.  It is just that classes start back up and the sun has come out.  (I might find time to pick up some primroses for the front containers.)  I do want to keep going with this margin of time for our homeschooling or maybe from our homeschooling that inspires me to have space and flexibility in our day.

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