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Homeschool son’s last college application essay.

I’m back!

Common AppI had to minimize my blogging for the fall.  Focus on my eldest child’s admission process for college and getting everything organized for the great FAFSA filing.

Being homeschoolers, we don’t have a fancy counseling department that I can call up, or monthly presentations that our family can attend in the evenings.  It’s up to us to do the research and go through the process of applying to colleges.  Scary.  Hard. And almost over.

I just read the last version, of the last essay.  I have our Visa sitting on the arm of the chair ready to plug in to pay for the application and to forward the ACT scores.  And then this stage of life is over as we wait to hear back from the various schools dotted around the US.

I have been stir crazy with ideas for writing. I know that writing consumes my mornings and I just needed to focus my fall on the college process and research for debt-free college options.  This morning I plugged onto my Minimalist Homeschooler site; after a couple months off, I was ready to see zero readers, and am shocked that I have had over a hundred visitors most days.

Please comment!  I’d love to hear why people are seeking to simplify their homeschooling. I have no idea the age of my readers or the stage in homeschooling.

As for this new year, I’m committed to keeping our schedule and our shelves streamlined and focused on quality.  It’s been working . . . less scattered worksheets and half finished projects.  We have read more books, put in more time at the piano, deeper science concepts, and have gone further in our math.

I hope to hear from my readers . . . and yes, I’ll let you know about the college decisions as the come back.


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