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Homeschool Decluttering Day 5: Old videos

We have been a television free family for most of our homeschooling.  That is, if you don’t count an old VHS machine with an 11 inch screen.  Back from my days as a teacher of the Deaf, I taught ASL (American Sign Language) classes and home instruction sessions, going to families with Deaf children and using ASL videos to teach the parents to sign.  Thus, we have this little portable t.v. that has no antenna.

IMG_8698By the time our daughter was born, we had a computer that took DVDs, and another eight years later, in her life span, we had internet that could run Netflix and Youtube.  Our first decade was media free.  One day Andrew had to ask me how to use the remote to make the t.v. work.  Music to my ears!  Our twelve year old had never used a t.v. remote.

By the time our daughter was ten, we were watching documentaries, French DVD’s, and a few old classics.  The kids knew what a remote was, and they could use it faster than I have ever learned.  Just too many buttons.   After bed, we the parents enjoyed watching old rerun series through Netflix, but we still never had cable or t.v..

Now, my old ASL and history VHS’s that are starting to fade, can be discarded.  They are VHS tapes from the 1980’s and 90’s.  (Yep, that dates me.)  One is a documentary on printing and publishing, The Day the Universe Changed: A Matter of Fact, that I use when I teach calligraphy.  And the other is about Gallaudet University and the first Deaf football team.  These videos can be picked up through BBC, Netflix, or places like Youtube.  There is no reason to keep a shelf of old videos.

The videos are gone!

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