Back to Basics Curriculum

Homeschoolers LOVE books, curriculum, unit studies and soon we are overwhelmed with too much of a good thing.  Sometimes we have to take the painful process of sorting out our favorites, sharing what we won’t use, and really focusing on quality over quantity.

Emily’s summer reading basket. She weaned out a dozen books to pass along, books that were never interesting (or required) or had become too young.


It’s very hard to let go.  The Frugal monster strikes.  We wonder if it might work with a second or third child.  Or maybe there is something wrong with us, because everyone else really raved about this curriculum.    (Sometimes I finally work up the courage to resell or give away a book, that is then rejected.  Crushed!  I feel like arguing about why they should not only take the book, but offer me prime price.)


Decluttering is about clearing out our school space, simplifying our homeschool schedules, as well as paring down our curriculum.

Often I find that less is more.


These are my most popular Back-to-Basics Curriculum posts, really trying to move towards that Less is More philosophy in our home as well as in my teaching.


  • Leanne

    June 2, 2016 at 8:37 am Reply

    I have just found your blog and as a new minimalist and homeschooler of 3 years I look forward to reading through your blog learning was of combining the two.

    • Anne

      June 18, 2016 at 12:14 am Reply

      I wish I had known about the two when we started. Too many years being an eclectic homeschooler with an eclectic collection of a little bit of everything. We homeschooled well, but wasted so much time searching or cleaning up between projects. What are you going to tackle first?

Please take a moment to share your minimalist homeschooling ventures.

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