Biking to homeschool classes — minimizing the car-schooling.

Many days of the year we Car-school.  We bring our books with us and school in the car as we drive to lessons, or we are in the car schooling while sibling is in lessons.   This week we biked twice to class and avoided the car, thus avoided car-schooling.

Emily LOVED it.  Granted, it was not orchestra, so we were not hauling a cello on the back of the bike, but we did have backpacks and lunches.  The ride down the hill was easy, but coming back, we opted to avoid the 142 steps or the big hill and rode the municipal elevator.

The goal for this year is not only to limit the extra assignments and school books, but to also change our lifestyle to enjoy life by being less frazzled.  On our trip back, we pulled through a wetlands and watched ducks swimming.  I noticed this incredible redwood tree on the edge of someone’s property.  And we passed by some “really old” parking meters (the kind you drop coins in and watch the arrow shift to the number of parking minutes.)

Emily wants to go again next Wednesday.  My tailbone is sore, so I need better cushioning before we trek across town to French classes.

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