Stacks to Sort

My desk needs help.

The study room is shifting from last years schooling to preparing for the upcoming year.  Books are being stacked for each kid, supplies are being examined and refilled.  Order is coming back after a busy end of the year and relaxing summer.

I have this habit of telling the kids to “go set it on my desk.”  This translates into, “I can’t fix/deal/file/read this right now . . . I will get back to it later.”  I like a cleared and clean desk.  A couple items on the back; photo of the kids, a preschool painting by one daughter, pencil jar, stapler, and 3 hole punch.  And lots of room to write.

Decluttering my desk, I am finding small stacks of procrastination.  I didn’t know what to do with it when the kids handed me the papers the first time.  I still don’t know.

So many organization blogs talk about dealing with the incoming paper one time.  Take the mail and sort it into the recycling/shredding cans, pay the bills, or file.  I do that.  The bills are in the yellow file, the file cabinet is up to date.  My desk is glaring at me.

This clutter is none of that.  It’s the photo of the dog at the park.  I don’t want it in the photo album, but thought it would make a good writing start.  Next years writing file is not started, so where do I put it now?  It’s a CD of the end of the year performance; I need to just watch it and put it in our treasure box.

I hold an item, realize I don’t know what to do, set it back down and walk away.  Nothing is getting done on the desk.  However, with each step of procrastination, I am making myself go walk on the treadmill for five minutes; I really thought that consequence would encourage me to focus and deal with each piece of paper.

I will at least have a healthy heart from procrastinating.

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