Minimizing the Classical Books (again!)

I could swear we just went through the bookshelves last year.  Cleared out stacks of books.  And felt we had really minimized our collection.  If we don’t love it–the edition, the pictures, the font–then why would we keep it?Unknown

Every season I go through my clothes, the kids’ closets, the hall closet, the shoe closet, and we try to pare down the volume.  I’d love to exist with 100 items of clothing for each of us, but I never know if that is counting socks, and underwear, or if seasonal clothes are counted separately.

We look at each item;

Do we love it?

Does it fit?

Is it our “style”?

Is it age appropriate?

Looking through our bookshelf, I decided to apply the same logic.  Do we love this edition?  Does it fit our style of schooling/literature?  Is it age appropriate?  Does it fit on the shelf?

IMG_9334_zps9de95392After an hour of sorting, I now have two piles of books to move out of the house.  Most of the books were “boy adventure”, and our younger daughter is NOT interested in reading about boys surviving in the wilderness, jumping on board a sailing ship, or adventures with animals.  Son is now heading to college and has the Odyssey sitting on his shelf, ready for his next adventure.

A few books were classics, that through the years I had picked up, but they just were “ugly”.  A year ago I held on to them, because, well, “they are classics and we should read them.”   I didn’t like the font, or the pictures inside, so if I had no inspiration to read them, then it is possible that is why they are dusty.ClassicBookStack_zps38bf6f0d

And then there were some books that were given to us, and the just didn’t fit our style of reading.  Usually these were books with crass characters out to shock the reader, with writing of no literary merit.  Some were gifts and others were library read-athon selections.  Not our homeschooling style.

Two tall stacks of books going out.  Definitely our family would struggle with the 100 book limit.  We might be able to manage 100 books per family member.

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