Reading Rocking Chair: Still finding things to declutter.

Reading RockerI had these visions that this big monster rocker would be this haven for reading.  I had rocked the kids as infants and as toddlers they had used it as the base for forts.  Otherwise, no one ever sat in the rocker.  It was clunky, hard as a rock, and had a jerky glide.  No one liked it.  But, I still had this vision of everyone clambering to rock and read.  So I held on to it.

Last year I gave up on the vision.  A year ago I was ready to Craig’s List the rocker, but daughter swore she loved it.  First it sat in her room, then in the reading corner, then moved to the schoolroom.  I never saw Emily sit in the rocker.  Instead, just like older brother Andrew, they read on their tummies, in the middle of a pile of floor pillows.   I pulled the rocker out to the garage and called Emily.

“Emily, do you love this?  Is this the chair that you want when you are grown up, or do you see yourself, rocking in something else.”

No need to touch the rocker or sit it in for a moment.  She barely thought for a moment, then asked;

“I could buy something in a different style?”


“Sell it.”

There is nothing special about this rocker.  No family history.  It was clunky from the start.

The first round of decluttering through the house was a couple years ago, and we have managed to hold off refilling the open spaces.  As I unload the schoolroom, I am seeing other items to let go.  I do not want the rocker in the schoolroom.  No one ever sat in it to read.  The vision of my working at the desk and kids reading and rocking never happened.   I do have an over-stuffed cushy chair that we could move to that spot if I thought the kids would read in the schoolroom.

I don’t know why we didn’t just let go of the rocker a year ago.  Some stuff is just ready to leave the house.  Some stuff gets put into that “unsure” box and sits in the closet for a few months, testing our “not-needing-it” status.  But a rocker was too big to box up.

So it sat.  Gathered dust.

Today I will post it, and hopefully it will be gone over the weekend.



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