Minimize the cellos: Minimalist Homeschooling and our Music Instruments

As I was scanning through our bookshelves to “minimize” our collection of books; (homeschoolers usually have great book collections, and it is so hard to cut down);  I glanced over at the piano.  The stacks of piano music on the top.  Further along the wall, a cello.  The basket of rosin and tuners.  And then more cellos.

We have cellos.  Not one, but four.

Three Cellos in the Family Car

We should need only three, as three of us play the cello, but there is an extra cello.  At first, we held on to the extra one, as daughter was excited about moving up a size and I was not quite sure the teacher was going to permit it for the recital.  But, she proved herself and practiced hard, played well and moved up to the 3/4 sized instrument.

This pretty little cello has been a wonderful addition to our musical family.  It had such a wonderful rich tone, held its tune through travel to classes and orchestra, has an incredible case, and has been part of our family for six year.  I have pictures of our first child sitting on the short step stool, beaming to have a “real” cello lesson.  But an unplayed instrument could be in some other child’s hands.

Big cello, little cello.

Should we return it to the luthier for credit towards upgrading one of our other cellos?  Or, should we just wait until daughter needs to upsize and combine the two for a greater value.  We could try selling it, but we would get less value.

It’s a conversation that needs to happen and then action.  There is no reason for us to dust around an unwanted instrument.

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