Frugal Homeschooling

Homeschooling on a budget.

We have to.  We don’t live the rest of our lives in debt, so homeschooling gets its own budget and we have to live within.  Sometimes we are on one income, sometimes it is one income plus a bit more from my work, and lots of times it is just being frugal and swapping sweat labor for what we need or want.
Thus, lots of what we do is frugal.  I think this is great.  Great for our budget and great for the kids to live.
But there is a limit.  I draw the line at being so frugal that homeschooling looses its beauty and its purpose.  We don’t reuse workbooks by erasing the previous writing.  We don’t photo copy workbooks for multiple children.  We don’t use out of date and poorly written books.

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