Snow day = Good Homeschool Day

The sun has set and the world remains white.  The entire neighborhood has been transformed into a winter wonderland.  All the traditional school children had the day off, and we took recesses in the snow and still counted this as a “home”school day.  This morning I looked forward to our “break” and listed all of the off-school activities we might do, now that minimalist homeschooling has started paying off.

No guilt.  I had no guilt that I should be decluttering or cleaning.  Instead, we spent the day baking in the kitchen, practicing piano, reading a new series of mysteries from American Girls, building with legos, and romping in the snow.

Snow Day - Snow Play - No homeschooling today!
Snow Day – Snow Play – No homeschooling today!

I enjoyed two cups of tea, knitting, stocking up the gluten-free flour bins, and warming up.  Amazing peace.

Typical of homeschoolers, neither Andrew nor Emily stayed away from their studies.  Andrew forgot it was a snow day and pulled out his math book, Emily wanted to watch a clip on TedTalks from a Mathmagician.  From there we started messing around with fractions and watched another clip about math in nature from the website The Art of Problem Solving.    It felt odd at times that I was not making use of this day off from driving to go consult to do something in the schoolroom-office.  There are always things that can be done, but today was cashing in on the efforts to minimalize.

Homeschoolers don’t stop schooling.  Life is about learning.  As much as today was not a school day, it was a learning day.  Tomorrow looks like another snow day.  I’m torn between another minimalization victory celebration and taking things a step deeper to declutter the school room.  I’ll decide in the morning.

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