Homeschool Decluttering Day 2

This is Day 2 for getting rid of one item a day.  I’m sticking to the schoolroom as this mission is minimalizing the school room before fall.  As I said yesterday, I keep decluttering, and every school year, stuff creeps back in.

Today is another pencil sharpener. IMG_8685 I know from other experiences, that this feeling of, “Can a single item of decluttering really make a difference?”, drives me crazy as I start a purge.  But once I start rolling, it will get easier to let go of the big items, and 30 days means 30 items leave the classroom and the house.

I’m actually going to put each of the desk items into a large ziplock bag, and take this down to a homeless mission project that we volunteered at this past month.  On the back wall is a book case with books and writing materials for the homeless men and woman to pick up.  It was amazing to watch how carefully they selected used books to take out on the street with themselves.

So, one pencil sharper.  I’m sure that when I tackle the pencil jar, I will have a whole handful of pencils to add to the zip-lock bag.

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  • Go Breathe Go

    July 19, 2015 at 9:15 pm Reply

    Awesome idea to donate to the shelter. I look forward to seeing what else leaves your home to find a new one. I’ce decluttered and now I’m reorganizing our homeschool room. Fun times!

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