Homeschool Decluttering Day 3 — Office supplies

Day three and I’m on a little bit of a roll.  I’m going for thirty days of decluttering 30 items, preparing for the new school year.

Assorted unused desk supplies being bagged up for guests at the homeless shelter.

I mentioned yesterday that I was going to load up a ziplock bag with writing items for the homeless shelter.  I found several pencils that the kids are no longer using.  My college son is definitely not taking a Bob the Builder mechanical pencil to college.  And sweet daughter is not interested in the Valentine pencils.  I added yesterdays pencil sharpener, an advertisement ruler, two erasers from someone’s 40th birthday party, and a small stack of post it notes and a half used spiral binder.  (I could probably still use both of these, but I also know that the men and women at the shelter really treasured writing materials.  I personally like the college rule over wide rule, so I will let this go.)

I’m sure that more items will pop up in the next few hours.  Once the ability to start giving up starts, it will get easier to let go of more items.

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