Homeschool Decluttering Day 4: Dictionaries

Langenscheidt pocket language dictionaries . . . gathering dust in our school room.

Immediately after posting my last entry on Homeschool Declutter Day 3, I looked over to the book shelf and saw two dictionaries.  Langensheidt Spanish and Langensheidt French. These are two amazing pocket sized dictionaries with vinyl covers.  And I NEVER use them.   We are studying French, German, and ASL for homeschool studies, but each of the kids have their own copies in their totes or school boxes.  These were mine for the school room or to take out of the house when we car-school.

itranslate pocket language dictionary

Once upon a time I used these dictionaries regularly.  I swapped a few other books through the Paperback Swap  to get these, but now, when I need to get a conjugation or a definition, I whip out my handy iPhone (which is nearly always around me) and click my app for iTranslate.  It was free, and is easy to use.

These two wonderful pocket dictionaries are not making it into my pocket or into my bag, because I always have a translator with me.

Gone . . . they are leaving the house and I’m taking these down to the homeless shelter.  Why?  During our volunteer event, I met some of the most fascinating people at the book shelves.  They adored reading.  Not having a home, they are not qualified to get a library card, and books become very precious.  Folks donate used encyclopedias and these men and women at the shelter, borrow the books, read, study, and return them for the next volume.  Any book is appreciated, even children’s books.

Rather than gather dust on my shelf, I have another item for my homeschool decluttering challenge, and there is going to be someone one, without a bookshelf, getting a new book and improving their mind.

Signing off . . . what will I see next?

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