Homeschool Decluttering: Out with one homeschool item each day

The plan.  One item a day for the next 5 days.

I keep paring things down, and I swear there can’t be more.  Inevitably, through the year, “stuff” comes back in, and every summer, I spend so much time minimizing “stuff” that multiplied.

So, for the next week, I am going to remove one item from our school room each day, if this goes well, I will expand it to a month.  IMG_8683The room is only 12 by 15.  Three small book cases.  One large table/desk.  A comfortable reading chair.  A file cabinet.  And my sewing cabinet.

The plan is to just walk in and find something that doesn’t bring me joy in using.  Take a photo of it.  Post it.  Maybe explain why or where it is going.  The item has to really leave the house.  This is not about relocating items to other places in the house.  It’s not about cleaning the room.  Truly emptying the space of thirty (or more) items that don’t help in our schooling.

(Granted, I have one less child to homeschool this year!  But I will be teaching a coop of four for U.S. History.)

First item?  An electric pencil sharpener.IMG_8682  I have two.  I bought one, loved it, and then it was dropped and the case broke, scattering shavings every time I use it.  I bought a second one, thinking, “I’ll throw out the first.”   But, I held on, “I just might need the broken one if the batteries go out on the first.  I can always hold it over the garbage can.”  Good theory, but in three or four years, the only thing that has happened is shavings scatter in the desk drawer.

Going, going . . . gone!



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