Homeschool Minimalist Breakthrough

Breakthrough!  Progress being made.

The amount of stuff in our homeschool room is steadily being reduced.  Over the holiday I sorted: gave away, recycled, refiled.  Starting back to school yesterday was a different experience, I could find the stuff I was needing.

I enjoyed opening a drawer to only see the supplies we needed and not the supplies we used in the past and might use again.  It was such a nice experience to see space.  Back before we minimalized our home, we would spend weekends cleaning around our clutter, I so wanted that for our schoolroom.

When the schoolroom was stuffed, I had everything we needed, but spent so much time picking up and hunting for items.  I know of a couple times we just lost time and ended up not even starting the activity.

Now all that time is ours!  It feels like a great start to a new year.


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