Homeschool Minimalist: We are NOT decluttering our audiobooks!

In all of our homeschool decluttering and minimizing our homeschool approach, one category of items is not being decluttered, our audiobooks.

Both of our kids have loved books on CD and at various times and places we have picked up audiobooks.  With one kid being highly kinesthetic and auditory, and the other visual and auditory, this was one means of doubling up on a lesson.  (Emily will do jumping jacks to the multiplication tables, Andrew just looks at a multiplication table and has them visually memorized.)

Minimalist Homeschooler's top pick for Audio Books "Radio Theater's Chronicles of Narnia."
Minimalist Homeschooler’s top pick for Audio Books “Radio Theater’s Chronicles of Narnia.”

We have our favorites, but I enjoy the radio theater productions the best.  Our favorite Titles:  Complete collection of Chronicles of Narnia, Oliver Twist, Anne of Green Gables,  Little Women, Squanto, Ben Hur, Les Miserables, Silas Marner, The Secret Garden.

I have tried to download our copies onto the computer and back to my phone, but I have nothing to play them from in the car, so we just keep hauling the CD’s to and from the house.

So far, none of our CD’s have disappeared or become scratched.  Many books have ended up on the car floor and stepped on with muddy boots, but not the audio books.  In the early days of homeschooling, the audio books were the starting blocks for some incredible creative play.  The two kids would rush into the house and design fortresses or find costumes to become what they “read”.  Now days, the books have become stress-reducers, an escape for my older high schooler, as he imagines himself in Narnia with his favorite character and takes a break from calculus.

I am still washing dishes to with Marilla from Anne of Greengables, or find myself listening to the end of C.S. Lewis’ The Great Battle, after the kids jumped from the car.





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