Sunday Homeschool Organization Hour

Sunday Homeschool Organization Hour.  Otherwise known as:

“Minimizing the Monday Morning Chaos.”

My phone vibrated.

I checked my message.

It was an alarm.  Homeschool Organization Hour.

I’ve dedicated one hour each Sunday evening to getting things back in order around our house.  About six weeks ago I set the goal and each week I have been following my own orders and putting things right in the house.  When I spend this short hour wrapping up the weekend, it seems like the week is smoother, and the homeschooling is focused.

It is little things that make the week smoother.  Everyone is at the kitchen counter doing school work, I’m making cookies, and we are out of oats.  Down I run to the basement to get a bag, back up stairs I puff, and magic, no one is at the counter.  This week I refilled the pantry bins.  I was low on all of the grains.

I gathered all of our school books from book bags, desks, and the front seat of my car where I was grading lessons.  Everything is together on the shelf to start the week.

Favorite German colored pencils
Favorite German colored pencils

Lastly, I had time to focus on one art closet shelf.  All of the colored pencils around the house were gathered together, sharpened, placed in pretty canning jars and set on the window sill.  No hunting through the closet or in my school bag.  I think they will get used before our school week starts.

Before I go to bed, I have one more task to complete, another stack of used curriculum that was passed to me.  My first thought was to put it in my office for future use, but why should I keep sorting through the left overs of another family.  I will pick out five, (or maybe really limit it to three,) good quality workbooks, and recycle the rest.

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