Homeschooling Minimalist Plan

During my Technology Fast (while the computer and modem were down), I went back to writing in a notebook and created a Homeschooling Minimalist Plan for the new year.

Hot Spot gone wild.  Chair in Minimalist Homeschooler's house
Hot Spot gone wild. Chair in Minimalist Homeschooler’s house

It began as we were decorating for the holidays and I was decluttering “hot spots” around the house.  (Hot spots are any place that seem to be a magnet for collecting “stuff” instead of the items being put away in their proper location.)

Decluttered Chair in Minimalist Homeschooler's house
Decluttered Chair in Minimalist Homeschooler’s house

1.  Write out the January schedule.

2.  Really look at the schedule and weigh the Needs/Wants and Required/Desired activities.

3.  Photograph projects that we wanted to save memories but not the item.  My plan is to create a graduation book with homeschool memories from over the years.

4.  Sort out used-up curriculum that needs to be recycled.  Put half-finished books into each child’s bin.  And let-go/move-out curriculum that just does not work for us.

5.  Sort the Let-go/Move-out curriculum into two piles: 1. Books to trade in for credit at the homeschool bookstore.  2.  Books to donate to the library book sale.

My trade-in pile is larger, and hopefully I can get some decent credit to purchase higher levels of materials we will need.  These tend to be books that are too young, too involved for my teaching style, or topics we are not going to cover after all.  The cast offs to the library book sale are still good books, they are just materials that are thing I know our homeschool store will not carry.

6. Sort-out manipulatives that I still want to hold on to.  Box up, date, and store.  See if we still need in 6 months, or if I can resell.

I know there is far more that needs to be done, but I need to do this in micro steps and be successful.  Calendar is done, but I could really spend some time reorganizing the weekly schedule, I need to lock down two sacred mornings that nothing can be scheduled over.




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