Homeschooling Minimalizing Roadblocks

Roadblock.  I’m stuck.  I was sure the sewing/guest room was decluttered.  Every time I take another room to a simpler level, and I turn back to the last room I decluttered, I realize there is still stuff I can let go of.

Spools of threadThe sewing/guest room was worked over a month ago.  I had eliminated the stacks of magazines that we leave for my father to read on his visit.  The sewing scrap collection was sorted and given to quilting and rag collectors.  The collection of novels was pared down.  The room was neat and tidy, organized for quick location.

And then our exchange student arrived and I needed to clear out space for his stay.

Several boxes of “stuff” was moved out and “temporarily” moved into the school room. My beautifully decluttered schoolroom has suddenly taken on the look of a storage unit.  The “stuff” was quickly gathered, and as I look at each box, I realize that there is stuff that I just don’t want to hang on to for six months if it means staring at these boxes for the entire stay of our exchange student.

Will I need these sewing supplies?  Will I regret giving them away?  Are they stacks of material that could bless another seamstress and I am hoarding with no intent to use?

Skeins of yarnI had already gone through and sewed up several quick items to be given away, using baby prints for some simple blankets for a single-mother’s support program.  Emily and I used several skeins of yarn last year to make lap quilts for a retirement center.  We sewed up a couple half started dresses for her, that were now the length of 3/4 shirt tops.  (Alright, I had lost the directions and could not find the right length of a zipper, so they landed in the procrastination mode.)

I’m struggling with how to sort through the boxed up sewing materials.  I know that I don’t want to start the school year with a cluttered school room.  And I am not sure that I just want to transfer the boxes to the garage or basement.

Even after a year of focusing on this blog and minimalizing my school room, I still become stuck when faced with clutter.  I know where I want to be, that Beautiful and Useful schoolroom.  I know what it takes to get there, and yet road blocks appear and distract me.  It’s not starting back at square one, but I don’t want these boxes to land in procrastination mode.  Once they sit here for a week, they will start attraction more clutter and like a magnet, they will attract more clutter.

It is Tuesday and I give myself to Friday to sort, store, or find new homes.


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