Inspiring Writing with Homeschoolers —

Teaching writing in the minimalist style.

My favorite writing instructor for teachers does not homeschool, she does not write books for homeschoolers, and she has no connection to homeschoolers, other than that homeschoolers connect with her.

Simply writing.  In many ways, Lucy Calkins is the epitome of minimalist writing instruction.  She is not selling any workbooks, no fancy curriculum packaged textbooks, nor an on-line writing program.  What she does is inspire.  She inspires teachers to get back to the basics . . . write, read, and listen.

She does have some beautiful instructor books to show how to inspire the young writer.  My favorite is her book for Lifelong Learners.  From there, life around the house can be the textbook, and parents’ examples of writing are the seeds to create writers in their own children.

Here is a short eight minute Youtube lesson with Lucy Calkins.  She is talking to elementary aged students about the process of writing, and how to be a good listener.

Teaching writing in the minimalist style is not about cutting down the amount of time writing, nor the amount of time teaching writing, instead, it is about cutting out the worksheets that chop writing up into a formula of questions and answers, or limits the creativity to half a dozen lines.

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