Just Say No!

How many times in the past have I accepted an invitation to a “Homeschool Event” that I did not even want to go to.  Probably once a week.  Most often we declined.

How often did we have invitations to a really great event that we went to, but really did not have the time to attend.

Probably once a month.

These are really great activities.  Wonderful friends.  The kids have benefitted from many (not all) of them.  We have sat in on reptile shows.  Received free tickets to a “Live Dinosaur” show.  Attended a free pottery class for a week.  Enjoyed a week of chamber camp for free, because our kids are cellists.  It’s all been very good.  (Again, a disclaimer, almost all has been good.)

But . . . and here is the big issue, there are so many really great activities for homeschoolers that did not exist a decade ago.  We would attend the event, because the next “really great event” would be a few months out.  Now, these events hit us weekly. We could feast on the homeschool “desserts” every day of the week.  A healthy diet needs variety and sometimes, just the good old nutritious basics.  Vegetables are great, when prepared well.  Fruit can be a dessert as well as a main dish.  Homeschooling is not about hopping from one outing to the next with no focus on the fundamentals.

It’s a continual process of saying, “No, thank you.  Maybe next time.  Keep us in mind.”

Hard to say.  Hard to follow through with.  But a much healthier choice for a healthy balanced home education.

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