Keep, Donate, Recycle: What is leaving our house.

One hour.

Four, fifteen minute sessions.

Here is what I moved out of our classroom.

• 14 CD set of French vocabulary, phrases, and sounds (very boring . . . just repetition of list, and lists, and lists.)

Minimizing the Ice Skates
Minimizing the Ice Skates


• pair of ice skates, too small

• stack of “too much” scratch paper that will go to scouts

• two bundles of pencils and pens that are no one’s favorites, also going to scouts

• stack of finished Singapore math workbooks from 1st grade to 5th grade, photo taken with daughter to remember her accomplishments.

• Recorder, no one has played for four or five years

• Felt story board pictures; they are so cute, but everyone wants to read their stories at this age.

• Old fashioned pioneer desk.  I’m going to return to mom as she keeps inquiring if the grandkids are finished playing with it.

• Funky desk light that tips over unless mounted with a pile of books.

• Stack of VHS’s on French and France, they are color and sound distorted, no one wants to watch

It is a good start!  More to go.

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