Life time writers . . . the simple formula.

My favorite author that I return to for inspiration is Lucy Calkins, and her fabulous book Life Long Learners.

She is a traditional teacher in a very enlightened education system.  Every page of her book could have been written by a homeschooling parent, and I really believe she is an after hour homeschooling mom.

Lucy expanded my mind about providing the tools for writing or reading; just like we supply our kids with all of the apparatus they need for their sports, we need to supply our children with the tools they need to become writers.  From her, I have set up a writing center in our house, fashioned with all of the needed supplies for writing.  Good pens, pencils, quality colored pencils, lined paper, parchment-like paper, three hole much, scissors, colored paper, envelopes of all sizes, stamps, ink stamps, stapler, notepads, and small home made booklets.  Everything needed to inspire writing.

I wish I could say that every day we “drop everything and write”, but we simply don’t.  We don’t even “drop everything and read.”  We did with first child, but he LOVED reading.  Second daughter found sitting still the torture of childhood, so we read in snatches and read by listening to books.  (Little did we know until she was ten, that she was seeing double and the pictures/words on the page were jumping all around, and it WAS torture to read.)

What I have found from having our writing center is a mess.  An organized mess.  We have constant books in the makings.  Grocery lists of books to read.  Stories started with new characters and summaries of stories written in child hand script.

Writing happens all over the house and not just because of a lesson or workbook assignment.  Writing in a journal is not a chore but a sacred moment.

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