One too many

It’s that time of year.

Every store has school supplies at ultra cheap prices.  Composition books for $.10 each, limit of 10.  Glue is 4 for a dollar.  College ruled paper is ten packs for a dollar.

What is enough?  I still have stocked up supplies from two years ago, and I am itching to buy a few more notebooks, “just in case.”  Just in case of what?  That there won’t be any notebooks in December?  That there will be a shortage of trees and no pencils this next year?

I have enough pencils.  I have enough paper.  I have enough glue.  What is lacking in my supply closet is not the loss leaders, but rather a really decent three hole punch.  I could use more quality Scotch tape.  Our pencil sharpener is dying.  A ream of graph paper.  And a case of computer ink.  These are the real things that need to be sought after.

Counting out my bottles of glue, I’ve decided that buying, even one more bottle, is one too many.  I need to take stock of what is low, and replace the above needed items, and all else needs to be passed over.


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