Minimalist friends

I visited a friend’s school room yesterday.  It is the maple dining room table and a beautiful pine shelf next to their bay window.

On the polished table was a plain piece of pottery with a clump of dried lavender.  Lined up on the back edge of the table was three piles of school books ready for tomorrow’s lessons.  And on the wall was three framed pictures of their kid’s art.  
Where were the kids?  Outside with dad, thinning some old Linden trees.  Mom had made some dried blueberry scones and offered me a treat with a cup of tea.
It’s an image to hold on to.  There was good quality books, pencils, and notebooks.  I could see lots of work in folders ready to be graded.  A neat list of books was posted on the shelf wall.   What I did not see was clutter or tons of busy work taped all over the fridge and walls.  
This is a mental snapshot of where I want to head.  
Solid.  Simple.  

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