Minimalist Homeschooler: Back to square one, decluttering the garage.

Minimalist Homeschooler garage; back to square one.  Well, maybe it is not square one, maybe we are in square two.

A year ago I read Becoming Minimalist’s first blog entry and could identify with the story of spending the day in the garage, while the neighbors went out to play.  At the end of the day, Becoming Minimalist father was still working on his garage, and the neighbor commented, “Maybe you don’t need to own all that stuff.”   When it comes to homeschooling, we collect “stuff.”  So much of the stuff is good.

Last weekend, we were the “neighbors” that played.  I woke up and the house was in order.  The school room was missing the stacks of books.  The library book basket was empty.  We had no crafts started.  So we played.  We tuned up the bicycles and biked to Home Depot for hose attachment, biked to the fruit stand for a cantaloupe, and we biked to the library to get a book.

The garage was decent, because all of our “stuff” was at the homeschool coop sale.

Stacks of homeschool books.
Stacks of homeschool books.

All week I had decluttered books, labeled and delivered them to the sale.  I know that not everything would sell, but for that moment, it felt so good.

Fast forward to this week.   I am back to being Joshua, author of Becoming Minimalist.  My garage is full of stuff, and we can’t get to the bikes.

Sometimes I need to feel the success of living with less.  Being the minimalist, even if it is a temporary moment of arrival.  But, in reality, I am still in the trenches and working to “arrive” at a simplified homeschooling lifestyle.

So, today, I am sorting through the homeschool books and manipulatives.  They will not come back into the house.  Some will head down to Powell’s, which will only give me %20 value.  Others I will try to bundle for Craig’s List, with some success.   The proceeds from selling this will not buy more stuff, but we will be using to buy an experience . . . travel with our homeschool group.

Time to get off the computer and out to the garage.  Maybe we will reach the bicycles by afternoon!

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