Top Ten Course needs for Minimalistic Homeschooling

Top Ten Courses for Homeschooling

We’ve added so many courses to our studies that sometimes the core becomes lost.

If I were to choose any style of homeschooling, I would say that we are “classical” or “eclectic classical.”  I don’t buy our curriculum from one source, nor do I have one philosophical style that every subject, every day of the year is modeled through.  I’m not an unschooler, but we do unschool when the need or a topic demands.

I like to keep track of what we have studied and where we are heading and I do this through a lesson book.  At different times I have, or with a co-op, have followed a course lesson plan for a topic we have purchased.  Yet, I don’t have a one-stop master teacher’s guide for all of our subjects that I purchase for each child.  Our curriculum is individualized to each kid, beautiful but also time consuming.

Here are the basic Top Ten subjects we are going to refocus on this next year.

1.  Math (1 math textbook.  It was getting out of hand with trying to use up the older kids leftover partial workbooks.  Being frugal was creating chaos in trying to scrape together all the standards needing to be covered.)

2.  Science (1 class through the science museum with lab reports)

3.  Literature (reading a variety of genre and working on reports)

4.  Writing (penmanship, vocabulary, spelling, writing)

5.  History/Geography (probably back to listening to history on CD and doing the activity pages)

6. French (mixed ages, homeschool class and auditory lessons)

7. Piano and voice

8. Cooking

9. Physical Education (dance and swimming)

10.  Art appreciation by visiting the museum and learning about styles of art periods.

There are so many things that have crept into our lives that just need to be eliminated or put on the back burner.  We need to focus on the essentials to simplify our homeschooling.


  • Jerilyn

    July 22, 2014 at 6:01 pm Reply

    My homeschool philosophy (not sure where i first found this) is “multa nom multum” “not many but much.” Instead of doing lots of topics we want to master a few. For us, that is bible, language arts, math, history, latin, science, logic/critical thinking.

    • Anne

      March 22, 2015 at 11:51 am Reply

      This response was hidden as spam! Probably because the computer didn’t understand the “multi nom multum.” What a great comment. I wish I had seen it earlier. We’ve really cut back this year and I feel that we are so much further along by this point. Math is 80% finished and we still have three months to go. Thanks for sharing.

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