Minimalist Homeschooling: Does decluttering even make a difference?

Some days it looks like there is no progress.

Today is one of those days.

I know that becoming minimalist in the rest of the house took time.  All the closets that were filled with items for “just-in-case” emergencies.  Four sets of sheets . . . just-in-case the kids were sick in the middle of the night.  Extra hand-me-down jammies in the winter box . . . just-in-case the favorites wore out.  Extra cereal in the pantry, because it was on sale.

We’ve cleared out the “extras”; donated, used up, or passed along.  Minimalism has crept into the rest of the house and is holding firm, but the school room is a polar opposite of maximum reserves.

An extra dictionary on the shelf.  Why? . . . just-in-case the other dictionary is missing a word?

Extra bottles of paint drying-up on the shelf.  Why?  . . . because it might not be on sale in the future?

Twenty Two spiral notebooks in the supply closet.  Why? . . . because it was such a good sale I could not pass it up.

At one time in our homeschooling we were going through pints of paint a month.  Now that the kids are middle school and older, no one is painting and my stock of paint is drying in the bottle.  It’s becoming a waste and definitely is not something to hold on to for grandchildren.

Spiral notebooks go on sale all the time.  Having so many has created chaos in the closet and we are not finding the items we were searching for, as the notebooks keep slipping and sliding off the shelves.

It’s time for bed.  I’m tired and have a cold.  This frustration of school room clutter will not disappear in the morning, but my ability to make good decisions for removing the extras will definitely improve.

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