Minimalist Homeschooling: Too much homeschool stuff


The reality of homeschooling is that a lot of stuff comes into our lives for all of the classes we do at home.

If we were in a school, much of our “stuff” would go back to the central closet or the district warehouse.  Instead, it is in our basement or in our linen closet.

Looking at our schedule for this next year, we don’t need microscopes or the globe.  Do I really need to hang on to them?  I have no one needing a microscope for several years.  It is a cheap single lens mircroscope.  We didn’t like it for the last round of lessons.  Maybe we should just let it go.

Letting go is very hard for homeschoolers.  The curriculum can change in a moment and suddenly a globe can be necessary for a geography lesson as well as literature lesson.

I’m having a hard time with the “stuff” that is extra.  The office supplies and textbooks are easy to sort, but the yard sticks, chalk boards, and globes are very hard to prioritize as keepers or recyclers.


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  • Elizabeth

    August 28, 2016 at 5:50 am Reply

    I would probably just have a map on hand of the world. Or just have an atlas as a reference that doesn’t leave. I feel that globes take up too much space. Now usually microscopes are expensive if you get a good quality one but you said the one you had was not as expensive. Maybe see if you can sell yours? At least you could replenish your homeschool funds. I just realized this post was from 3 years ago! lol What did you decide, by the way?

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