Minimalist Science Journal

Science journals the minimalist way!

I am really excited to see someone write out a very simple, yet in-depth description of a basic science journal.  Journals don’t need to take a lot work, need fancy workbooks, or expensive curriculum.

The author, Jimmie Laney, of The Homeschool Scientist lays out a good program on

My favorite section is about taking notes.  (See below.)  Often, in classes we have taken through a homeschool coop, the families are asking for extra work to take home.  This is beautifully laid out and I will be pointing out the page to our members.  We don’t need worksheets with fill in the blanks or word searches to deepen our lab experiments.  As one of our instructors said, “Scientist make and keep journals, not worksheets.”


Besides drawings, a nature journal is a great place for writing about what you saw. Here are some writing prompts for a nature journal:
  • What did you see? (Also hear, feel, and smell?)
  • What did you wonder about?
  • What surprised you?
  • What was the most beautiful thing you saw?
  • How did you see the Creator?
You can use themed notebooking pages or blank paper to document your ideas.
Again, these notes can be made onsite during the nature excursion or soon after a return home. Don’t allow for more than a day to elapse without making a written record because the vivid sensations of the nature experience will be dulled through forgetfulness.

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