Minimalize to maximize

Minimalize to maximize.

I’m struggling with this.  To get more out of less is the motto around the rest of the house.  We always had LOTS of Brio trains and blocks, but not a lot of plasticky toys.  One special baby doll with beautiful clothes, cradle, and doll dishes.  One basket of sand toys.

Keeping the toys down to a minimum made it easier to clean up.  The kids spent more quality time with their toys.  We spent quality money on a few toys and were able to buy the more fancy pieces (train bridges, double doll stroller, Tonka truck.)

Our dollars seemed to go further and with quality toys, the toys lasted.  We saved time from having to repair or replace.  This all makes sense.

But when it comes to homeschooling, it seems like more is better.  Families around us add more, and more to their schedule.  One math book is good, two is better, so let’s buy four different math curriculums to rotate through.

Where is “Enough” in homeschooling?

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