Minimize the homeschool technology

Minimize the Technology

Technology is here to stay. It’s everywhere.

When looking at my goals for minimalist homeschooling and looking at the trinket style computer programs that entice “learning” on the phone, ipad, or computer, I realize that this is a place to also declutter.

It is the “candy” apps that should be dessert and not the main source of instruction.  Everyone, well most everyone, enjoys some kind of dessert, and computers have their enjoyable aspects.  I enjoy listening to a podcast while washing the dishes, and I download movies while I sew costumes.  I understand, there are times when homeschooling parents need space to get the bills paid, to use the restroom, or to think.

Slowly I am seeing homeschooling friends relying on the apps to teach the spelling, to practice math flashcards, or provide a cartoon version of history.  It is easy to put more and more instruction onto a device and spend less and less time interacting.  I’m not sure this is where I want to venture, as one of the benefits of homeschooling was to have a closer relationship with my kids.

What benefits would come from unplugging from technology for an hour a day, or from half a day each week.  As my phone becomes smarter, I find it invading more of my life.

If I ignored my phone for an hour each afternoon, or eliminated one of the kids’ “candy” app, what relationship change would develop?



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