Minimizing Our Homeschool Bookshelf . . . well, sort of.

Is it minimizing our bookshelf if we post books on a swap list, and then get a new book in exchange?

I love using Paperback Swap ( to list books that we are finished using/reading and keeping a list of books we hope to get an exchange in the coming weeks.

I ended up posting two Keys to Math correction books, Singapore Chemistry text, Dr. Doolittle book, a CD on eating healthy, and a couple chapter books.

Zing . . . three of them were on someone else’s request list and before I closed out, I have requests to sent them the Chemistry, CD, and Dr. Doolittle.

Sitting on the shelf by my printer, I have all the supplies for mailing things.  Printed the labels, wrapped the books in paper grocery sacks, taped them up with the labels, and books are sitting ready for the post office.

The kids are each wanting something added to their wish lists.

So, does it count if we get rid of something, only to get an item back?


  • Anonymous

    September 15, 2013 at 6:21 pm Reply

    This just seems like the place that everyone starts. The piles of books and then they stop minimalizing. It would be nice to see how this can go beyond the bookshelf. Hoping you keep writing.

  • Teacher in the Home

    September 18, 2013 at 2:11 pm Reply

    It's my goal. Bookshelves seem to be the first place everyone writes about. I plan to tackle the paper drawer, the art closet, the PE shelves, our math manipulative box, my curriculum cupboard, and the philosophical stuff that bombards us. It is so hard to homeschool in a minimalist way, when everywhere we go, homeschoolers have become the new market to tap into. Products, programs, and services everywhere. Keep watching . . . I'm still writing.

Please take a moment to share your minimalist homeschooling ventures.

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