Minimizing the Homeschool weekly schedule

This week is crazy!  Everything seems to be hitting us, and if I let it, we could fill up the whole week with craziness and no homeschooling.  Husband is out of town, months ago I scheduled two doctor’s appointments, somehow we are doing a makeup piano lesson, and then there is a swim meet.  Looking at our schedule, I can’t minimize the extra appointments and move the swim meet, nor will I stop schooling, but I can say no and reduce the mental clutter.

1.  I need to say, “No.”

Already, I have four requests to drive other friend’s kids and a request for a batch of cookies.  If it was just a matter of driving, it might not be an issue, but the request is to drive out and pick up the other kids.  One extra drive I could agree to, but four is too much.  Any other week when husband is home, the requests would be easier.

2.  I need a plan out dinners and breakfasts.  Some weeks the breakfast can just be a morning decision.  This week it needs to be planned out and dinner items need to be pulled from the freezer.  I can save time in the evening by planning ahead.  I don’t have one of those monthly meal planning services, but in a week like this, I am so tempted.

3.  I need to spend 15 minutes in the evening to set the house right for the morning.  Coming into a clean kitchen makes all the difference when starting the day.  I’m exhausted at the end of the day while husband is traveling, so it seems easier to just let the counters or floors go unkept, but come morning, I will have a better start with a fresh kitchen.


As for homeschooling, even if it is 15 minutes per subject, it is easier to keep the schooling going, than to drop for a few days and then try to restart from cold.  My priority of subjects that we will stick with, tend to be:

English- Spelling, reading, writing

Math- If we are really crazy, I have the backup of Khan video lessons that we watch together and discuss in the waiting rooms.

Science- Coop class.  We will probably spend time writing different  parts of a lab report, again, from the Homeschool Tote bag.  Just 15 minutes to keep it going.

History- We often end up swapping back and forth with the CD and the textbook, listening to Story of the World while doing chores or driving, and then discussing the time period or analyzing the events with other information we already know.

Music practice- This will get broken up on these long busy days, better to aim at getting in two 20 minute sessions and miss one, than to get nothing practiced.  We have a recital coming up, and need to keep the pieces memorized.


The crazy week will soon be over.  I know I have choices and I could cancel the doctor’s appointments.  I also know that if I did not set limits, the week would be out of control, chores and homeschooling completely set aside.  And then next week would just be harder to get back into the routine, so it is better to reduce my load and work through.





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