Minimizing my homeschool books on Craig’slist: Minimalist Homeschooling with Craig’slist

Here it goes.

I’ve posted about 100 books from my homeschooling tutoring business on Craig’s List.

I have no idea how many, how fast, or how much I will get from these posts.

Back a few years ago, I was consulting and tutoring new homeschooling families.  I still do, but I have my niche and I don’t pull out these books any more.  I have kind of fallen into a track of tutoring families with kids that are TAG plus a disability.  Thus, these books are not the right match.

If I cleared these books out, I would have six cubicles on an IKEA shelving unit freed up.

I’ve kept a set of my favorite curriculum that I will use with my own kids; but really, how many times do they want to go through 6th grade math?

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