Minimizing the Garage Sales

In the past, I have picked up some incredible homeschool finds at our neighborhood garage sale.  Once a year, our little historic neighborhood throws a three day event with approximately 100 garage sales.  People from all over come to rummage through our garages and yards to buy our “stuff.”  Every other year we put “stuff” out, and the opposite years we walk the sales buying things we “need.”

Last year we sold off about $400 worth of “stuff.”  This year, even if I had the time, I can’t find “stuff” to put out, because we just don’t have piles of stuff in our closets.  All year long, I have been donating our “stuff” to a local shop, donating clothes to a Clothes Closet connected to our local Food Bank.  With all of this “stuff” going out of the house, our focus on minimizing our life has created a very comfortable and less cluttered environment.

Cleaning is taking less time, as we have less to put away, and less to move around.  We are starting to have more time to “play” (gardening and kayaking at this time of the year).  I have started enjoying some extra baking because we simplified the contents of our kitchen.

But, there just might be something for homeschooling out there that we “NEED.”  I took a small bag of coins and walked for ninety minutes.  Found nothing.  I found lots of great deals, lots of things that we had decluttered from our house, and lots of useful homeschooling manipulatives and resources.  However, when I thought about how our study room is becoming organized, I didn’t want to fill it up with these items.

After getting some good walking in, I returned home empty handed, dumped the coins back into their jar.  I grabbed my box and started trying to find a few more items that were ready to leave our house.  More manipulatives are not going to make better homeschooling.

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