My Turn: Simplifying schedule for Mom-time

With everyone becoming older and more independent, I’ve been spreading my time between kids rather than doing single small group activities together.  It’s time to simplify mom’s schedule!

• The consequences of this have been more driving to get to each kids’ speciality.

•More mobile snacks and lunches away from home.

• Less time for me to pursue my interests.

This is what we wanted.  One area of deep study per child that they would stick with through the year(s) and they become quite proficient.  Oldest is passionate about French and loves to swim.  Youngest is a pianist and a dancer.

I’m looking at all of this simplifying and starting to find remnants of my past life; the life before homeschooling, the life of a mother with young schoolers, and someday I will return to after they graduate.

If there is one thing for me to pick up this next year, spend 15 minutes EVERY day of the week doing, what would I return to?  I use to model good music practice, sit down to sew, or take everyone swimming.  Now they play their instruments better than I can, daughter sews on her own,  and son is on the swim team and doesn’t need me to help him float.

Some of my former activities would take more than 15 minutes and would take me away from to do; surely, there is something nudging me to remember what I was passionate about.  Cello, ice-skating, swimming, quilting, gardening, piano, calligraphy . . .

I’m not sure what it is, but as I simplify our homeschooling, I may find a small space to pick back up my own passions.

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