One Sport Homeschoolers

One sport each.

One mother chauffeur.

Same one parent going insane.

We’ve tried so many different sports and activities.  I keep encouraging the kids to try new things, but they have to stick to one sport for physical activity, so it really ends up being two sports each.  We want them deeply proficient in one sport, but also experience a variety of life-long physical activities.  They have tried: fencing, swimming, synchro swimming, volleyball, tennis, golf, baseball, basketball, gymnastics, ballet, tap, ballroom, Latin dance, running, archery, Aikido, and ice-skating.  Some they liked, and some they really, really did not like.

Homeschooling is really beautiful because our time is freed up to try a whole variety of sports.  But it is really easy to become sucked in and over scheduled.

Minimalist goal:  Out with three unused items of sports equipment.  The kids have really settled into “their” sport, but we have extra “stuff” laying around.


Yesterday I posted on Craig’s List three pairs of ballroom/Latin dance shoes, two sizes too small.  Two fencing jackets, masks, and swords; (everyone quit two years ago when the program changed practice days.)  Posted and immediately sold a pair of too small Reidell ice skates.


Today, only swim practice for everyone.

Please take a moment to share your minimalist homeschooling ventures.

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