First Step to Calmer Homeschooling — Minimalist style

Step One of Four Steps–to a calmer homeschooling experience.

Creating a calmer homeschooling experience, I have to start somewhere.  For myself, that calm comes from inside me.  My private morning time.  Usually a very short period of private time.  And then I can launch into the first hour of homeschooling.


First Step:  Start the morning out with a focus.

My best homeschooling mornings are those that I have time to myself before launching the day.  My worst homeschool mornings are when I am jumping out of bed behind the rest of the family.  After 14 years of homeschooling, this choice of routines is still true.  Even if it is only 15 minutes of “my” time, it sets the tone of the rest of the homeschooling morning.


I wish I could say that I am always showered, dressed, breakfast is calmly simmering away, and I am sipping a cup of tea as I hear the pitter patter of happy homeschooling children run downstairs for their morning routines. That’s not us.

However, starting in the elementary school years, I did get up, shower, dress, and spend 15 minutes doing something I wanted to do . . . ALL BY MYSELF!  I needed that space to set my day.  Sometimes it was knitting.  Maybe reading a cookbook.  Walking on the treadmill.  A few extra minutes reading a devotion book or praying.  Starring outside at the first rays of light.  Writing.

After “my” time, I would often sit down with a cup of tea, in the silence of a chilly kitchen, looking at my calendar and setting the plan for homeschooling into action.  Just spending a few minutes to myself and then focusing on our homeschooling was the change from chaos to calm.  And then I could focus on the homeschool question that starts every day.

My two important homeschooling questions:
Where are we headed with our homeschooling education?  (Long range goals)
Where am I at today with our homeschooling?  (Short term goals)





(Check out this great post by Becoming Minimalist for creating a Clutter Free Morning.  It’s a wonderful feeling to wake up ready to homeschool, because the house is in order from the night before.)

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