Successful Homeschooling

Successful Homeschooling

What does that mean?  That our kids make it through to graduation?  That mom does not go insane?  That we finish all our subjects each year?  That our kids can transition into society and not be noticed?  That they know how to raise their hand in a group and stand in a straight line.

In simple it is the daily goal, the annual goal and the long term goal.

I have friends that have homeschooled through eight years of workbooks and that was the point of homeschooling.  Check.  Kids are educated up to high school.  I also have friends that every day becomes what ever happens to them.  They have no plan and no routine.  As much as this would seem to make them happy, they are complaining that after six years of homeschooling, they have never accomplished their goals that led them to homeschooling; study an instrument, learn to paint, play a sport, and take part in a local play.

If I don’t have a daily goal, we don’t accomplish what needs to get us to the long-term goal.  Just wandering through life is enjoyable on some levels, but to reach our personal expectation takes a bit of planning.

We are finishing the academic workbooks.  We are in good attendance and enjoying the classes we sign up for.  But I feel like I have lost a focus point for the where we are going with the youngest two.

I need to think on where we are going, so that we can live intentionally in our homeschooling as well as in the rest of our lives.  What are these goals?  What are they beyond a list to check off?  What makes homeschooling that rich experience that we desired, that was beyond the stacks of workbooks and beyond a classroom of 35 students?

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