Sunday Evening Organization; Minimalist Homeschooling style

“We are going to organize the schedules for the next week.”

Every year I say this.

Every Sunday evening starting in September we do this.

Every year we last until Thanksgiving.

Every year I remember again in the spring.

This year I am going to use technology to prompt me.

I like to set the house in order for the coming week.  Sunday evening we set out our things. Check the calendar for events.  Create a grocery list of foods we need for the week.  Sometimes lay out clothes for certain days.

I am putting “Organize Home” on my google calendar as an event for five pm, to start each new week out on a good routine.  Reminder notice at five allows me  a good three hours to have time with family and nudge the household to set things in order.  It’s not much.  The weeks I look over the coming week before the hustle starts, we are so much more calm.

Just a simple little reminder that will bug me all year long, but should make a huge impact.

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