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Just one book. Minimizing the homeschooling curriculum.

Homeschooling Bookshelf . . . minimalization in the works.
Our Homeschooling Curriculum Bookshelf . . . minimalization in the works.

Just one book.  Just one book a week.  Starring at my bookshelves, I am afraid to mass eliminate my homeschooling curriculum.  I do use my resources for my own kids, as an advisor of other homeschoolers, and in my tutoring business.  Maybe it could be just one?

Becoming Minimalist author, Joshua Becker, urges his readers to start with just one bag of clutter.   He writes, “Fill one trash bagEarly in our journey towards simplicity, one of my favorite decluttering techniques was to grab a simple large trash bag and see how quickly I could fill it. While much of what I collected was trash, this could also be used to fill a bag for Goodwill.”

One book.  I’m not pushing myself to declutter a whole shelf.  I’ve already weeded out the chapter books and scholastic children’s books.  Now it is my books that face me, and I can’t let go of them.  Books are my friends.

I decluttered last year, but as the year has gone on, I have started seeing a pattern in what I really use.

Just one book.  With each book that I do eliminate, I find myself just a little freer to go deeper with the books we do enjoy.  I don’t know why I keep resisting the nudge to get rid of one book every week.

In the early years I seemed to collect the leftovers of my older homeschooling peers, usually the things they did not like.  Looking back, there was an occasional jewel, but for the most part, the things they were tossing, are the things I am now tossing.  They were not great five and ten years ago, and with dust, they are no better.

Every week I go through this ritual of removing one book, placing it in a box, and then last week I took them all to the used book sale.  We made $125 from our books, money going into our travel fund.

And then I faced my shelves this week and searched for another book I could give away.  Just one.  Our classroom has started to have a “beautiful” feel to it, decluttered and useful. Everything has a purpose, and the items we have held onto are the ones we like the best, or the ones that make the space feel right.

At some point, I want my book shelves to feel the same way.  My goal is to glance over the titles, and I will see a collection of my favorites with a few books to try on a rainy day.




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