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Minimizing the Homeschool Resource Bookshelf

Picking just one book at a time, I’ve been looking at the titles of the homeschool support books that I own.

Do I love this book?

Do I still use this book?

Is it a good enough resource that I would recommend it to another family?

Did I never like the book and it sits to remind me of what I don’t want to do in homeschooling?  (I don’t need to dust these books, I know what I want for homeschooling.)

The first book on my shelf is Family Matters by David Guterson.

David gave me the reassurance and the language to stand firm in homeschooling our own children, while respecting my fellow colleagues and the work they head into everyday.  It was not a matter of saying one place was better than the other, it is a matter of saying what is the most important for the children in our family and their needs.About five years into homeschooling, just about the time homeschooling enters the middle years, a friend suggested this book.  She had one leaving middle school-homeschooling for public school high school, and another child still at home.  As a public school teacher that chose to homeschool, I am under a lot of pressure from both fronts.  “Don’t you believe in your fellow teachers and the quality of public schooling?” (Everyday I taught, I poured everything into my special needs classroom to make my students’ lives a bit brighter and to open the world to them.)  And on the other side, “You are not like us, you don’t understand what it is like to homeschool without a teaching background.”  (But, I never taught kids I had to live with 24/7.)

This book is a keeper and will stay on the shelf.

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