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Letting go of the homeschool desk clutter.

Jade ElephantHow many times am I going to handle an item before I will let it go?  A post from Becoming Minimalist has stuck in my mind this past week.  I had been cleaning up my website, tucking posts behind pages, and looking at various other bloggers to see how they set up their pages, when I read a random posting from the author Joshua Becker.

How many times will I handle an item before I can let it go?

A year ago we decluttered the school room desk and kept the essentials.  I set a box of unsure items to the back of one of the file drawers to deal with them later.  Two jade elephants, a wind up robot pencil sharpener, a window prism, “magical” skeleton keys to nothing in particular, funky eraser from my third grade teacher, and a horse shoe shaped magnet.  Should we keep the jade elephants that a relative gave to us, they seemed so important at the time, but I can’t even remember why they were gifted to us.  The green eraser given to me by my favorite third grade teacher? Never know if we will need a horse shoe magnet!

Emptying the file drawer I picked up the items, one by one, and was ready to just shove them back into the drawer.  Were they memory keepers?  Not really, nothing was particularly special.  Just items that didn’t seem worthy of going to the garage sale, and felt like we “should” keep them.

How many times will I move an object from one keep-sake pile to another?

Each time I handle these odd objects, it uses up energy and time that I could have spent on something of deeper passion, homeschooling or a special interest (writing, kayaking, cello, knitting . . . ).  These objects that are not sentimental memory items, just move from one place to another.  They are robbing me of time spent making memories.

One last touch, and I am letting them go, boxing them up and taking them to the Scout garage sale.

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