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The Forever Sorting Bin

About six months ago I started a permanent bin in our linen closet; the “Forever Sorting Bin.”  When I do a five minute or a fifteen minute declutter task, I will set up the three bin system; Recycle/trash, Relocate, Donate.  But there are times when I have a single item in hand and don’t know what I want to do with it right then.  Or I might be holding an item and don’t want to run to the garage to start a new donation bag.

For the longest time the item in hand was just set down in a new location.  If it was meant to be recycled, I could drop that in the schoolroom recycle bin, but for the indecisive item or the donation item, I might hold the item five different times before it would actually make it out of the house.

The Forever Sorting Bin (Minimalist Homeschooler)
The Forever Sorting Bin (Minimalist Homeschooler)

Then I had an idea.  I took one of our lidless plastic bins (long ago we lost the lid due to a crack), slid it into the bottom of our linen closet and started filling it with items I didn’t want to hold on to, but couldn’t make an instant decision.

About once a month I pull out the bin and sort the items into donation bags; give to the little cousins, donate to the thrift shop, return to the owner, or relocate in the house.  My biggest fear when starting the box, was that some items would “forever” remain in the box.  My fear is justified, there are some items that can’t seem to make it out of the box as I can’t decide what to do with them.  I plan on April 1st, All Fools Day, to clear the box out.  Anything still remaining in the box will no longer be in limbo and will be donated straight to the Thrift Shop.  For now, items gleaned from around the house, have a temporary holding spot until April 1st or the next decluttering task event.


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