Thankful to Homeschool

Thursday is Thanksgiving and this week I am returning to decluttering our homeschool study area.

In the process of decluttering the stuff that we have collected through a decade of being a school teacher and nearly two decades of homeschooling, I  sometimes start to grumble about the daunting task of unloading so much clutter.  Reading Lorilee Lipincott’s Thanksgiving blog at I remembered that I have so much to be thankful for as a homeschooling family.  The momentary attitude of grumbling very quickly shifted to an overwhelming feeling of appreciation for all that we have.

Here are 10 homeschooling things I am Thankful for this week:

1.  The freedom to homeschool.  Not every country is it legal to homeschool without fear of governmental disproval.

2.  A wonderful husband that works hard so that I can be home to homeschool our children.

3.  My job that allows me to work at strange hours and in strange places, while the kids are schooling, in lessons, or sleeping.

4.  The stuff that we have been gifted from others.  We have been gifted so many books, curriculum, and manipulatives.  It has certainly made homeschooling very affordable.

Homeschool Science Coop; Analyzing soil content.
Homeschool Science Coop; Analyzing soil content.

5.  Homeschool friends that support through coops, watching the kids when I need to make appointments, and mother support.

6.  Mentoring homeschool friends that have gone before us, and share great wisdom on different stages of the journey.

7.  My own parent’s willingness to school on the road.  Even though they would never call it homeschooling, our “travel schooling” from Kindergarten through 8th grade, was the seeds for inspiring me to consider homeschooling.  The lessons I learned beyond the traditional school walls made a stronger impression than the lessons within.

Reading at a Homeschool Swim Meet
Reading at a Homeschool Swim Meet

8.  Books.  The ability to own books, many books.  Books are so precious in some places, in our own community, as well as around the world.

9.  Our godchildren, and the ability for us to tutor or school with them through the years that their lives have woven with us, both when they have needed to live with us and when they have visited for fun.

Starts at a Homeschool Swim Meet
Starts at a Homeschool Swim Meet


10.  Community homeschooling opportunities.  Many thanks to all the instructors and educators that have blessed our lives in teaching group classes, tutoring, or private lessons.  These classes have opened up so many opportunities that would not have been available if we had been in a traditional classroom from 9 to 3 everyday.

It was hard to limit my list to 10.  I am sure everyone has things they could add to the list and I would love to read more through the week.




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